Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for the New Year

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. They never seem as concrete to me as goals, and honestly, I do better at making goals. I don't remember who I heard this from, but someone said goals are really only dreams until you write them down. And so...I'm writing them down.

My goals are for personal and spiritual growth, professional growth, and to make strides in my writing career.

One of my goals this year is to be a more compassionate person. I don't think I'm as compassionate toward others as I should be, and that's something I want to improve on because compassion is a quality I value in others.

I'd also like to be a more diligent prayer warrior. My friend, Sharon, is one of the strongest prayer warriors I know, and I want to be more like her.

For my new job as a Cancer Registrar, my goal is to keep learning as much as I can so I can do the best job possible. I have seven classes that I have to take this year, and I'm going to a week-long class in Reno in March. Sometimes I wonder if there's enough room in my head for everything I have yet to learn.

My writing goals are to not give up, to write something every day - even if it's just one sentence, to try and hang on to the enthusiasm for whatever book I'm working on, to glorify God with my words, and to write the best, most inspiring books I can.

I'd like to finish two books this year, the contemporary inspirational romance that is now a finalist in two contests, and the historical inspirational romance that I've fleshed out on paper. I've written the first chapter, and it's turned into a historical mystery.

Oh, and one FUN goal: I'm making plans to attend five baseball games in Seattle this year. And I hope the Mariners' players have set a goal of making it to the playoffs. I'll be supremely happy then.

What are your goals for the year?


  1. Suzie, you've made me think! I'm going to pause and prayerfully consider my goals for 2010. Some are obvious (like exercise more, get a better grip on balancing my life, finishing my manuscript) but I need spiritual goals too. Thank you!

  2. Hi Suzie,
    My main goal is to finish book #3 ON TIME! Then I can breathe again and think about other goals. Like getting together with you sometime this spring for a gab-fest.:)

  3. Hi Susie D. Thanks for stopping by. I'm wishing you the best of luck with your goals. Excercising more is not one of my goals because I still need to get the asthma situation under control. I like your mention of getting a better grip on balance in your life. I think I need that, too.

  4. Hi Sharon. Finishing book # 3 is a great goal, and I know you can do it. I'm over on this side of the water cheering you on, and I can't wait for the gab-fest! ;-)

  5. Suzie, my boys want to come to your baseball-loving house! Their dream is to do a father-son road tour of ballparks. They've already been to both old NYC stadiums and Boston and the Rangers in Texas and St. Louis and both in Chicago and! I really did good--for me!

    Great goals, girl. You go!!!


  6. Patti, your boys have the same dream I do. Oh, I love going to different baseball parks. My first baseball game was with my dad in Candlestick Park back when Willie Mays was playing. In the last two years, with my son, I've been to San Francisco's other park (AT&T?), Anaheim, and Cincinnati...and of course Seattle. After ACFW this coming fall, we plan to go to St. Louis. I hope your boys get to fulfill their dream. It's a great one.

  7. Great goals, Suzie. I'm trying to finish two books this year, as well. But one of them is going to be co-written (with our friend, Lisa!) which will be a great new adventure.

    Spiritually, I want to be a better listener. When I ask God for advice, I want to actually wait and listen for His answer. What a concept, huh?

  8. Thanks Jen. Hey, I didn't know you were co-writing with Lisa. Way to go! I'll be praying for you girls. I know it'll be a great book.

    Yes, I agree. I need to learn to listen for His answer, too, instead of charging full-steam ahead.