Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Ink by Kathi Macias ~ Reviewed by Narelle Atkins

I'd like to welcome my friend and guest blogger Narelle Atkins, once again, and thank her for sharing her review of Kathi Macias' new release: Red Ink. Thanks, Narelle!

Red Ink (New Hope Publishers, 2010) is the third book in Kathi Macias’ Extreme Devotion series. Set in China and California, Red Ink is loosely based on the true story of Li Ying, a Christian magazine editor currently imprisoned in China.

Zhen-Li marries a Christian, adopts his faith, is disowned by her parents and imprisoned for ten years because she refuses to remain quiet about her Christian faith. Zhen- Li’s husband, their four year old son and her husband’s sister live in poverty and pray that Zhen-Li will survive her harsh prison sentence. Tai Tong is a guard at the prison who is determined to do whatever it takes to force his prisoners to recant their faith.

Julia, a former missionary in China, is living her twilight years in a rest home in a small Californian town. She feels called to pray for the people of China, and the granddaughter of another resident who seems to be heading for trouble.

A parallel story unfolds, and a number of characters are forced to face their worst nightmares and question their beliefs, or lack of faith. Zhen-Li draws strength from her faith as she faces extreme life and death situations.

Red Ink is an inspiring and challenging story that isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues. The true state of the hearts of the characters is exposed in an honest portrayal of the lengths people will go to achieve their selfish agendas. The power of intercessory prayer is masterfully shown as characters stand firm in the face of evil. I recommend Red Ink for those looking for a story that will touch that place deep inside them and lead them to question how much suffering and hardship they would be prepared to endure when standing up for their beliefs.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided for reviewing purposes.

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