Thursday, June 22, 2017

WhiteFire Scavenger Hunt Stop #16

POST UPDATE: Thank you everyone for participating. I drew two names, and both Brittany and Alison chose a digital copy of A Fair to Remember

Welcome to the WhiteFire Publishing Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to go back to stop #1 and collect all the clues in order. Once you have them all, you’ll have uncovered a secret message. Turn that in at the final stop for a chance to win one of THREE amazing prize packages!

The Hunt begins at Roseanna White’s site.
Take your time! You have all weekend to complete the Hunt—entries will be counted until Monday June 26—so have fun reading all the posts along the way and getting to know each author.

Lots of extra prizes! Many of the authors are featuring unique giveaways as well, for even more chances to win!

Submit your entry for the grand prizes back at Roseanna White’s blog.

In my historical novel, Sweet Mountain Music, there’s an adventure underway. It’s 1896 and my characters are about to go on a hunt for the biggest game yet – a sasquatch. That might seem implausible for the time-period. But there were many native tales of big, hairy, smelly creatures that walk on two legs.

There was also the tale of Jacko, the “baby sasquatch” who was captured in British Columbia in 1884, and paraded east through Canada on a train to be put on display. Though some claimed he was a sasquatch and some claimed he was a gorilla, it was never proven.

No matter his DNA make-up, I can’t help but wonder if Jacko was cold, lonely, or afraid. And whether sasquatch existed at the time, or whether I believe they exist or existed, I hope I’ve crafted an uplifting story that will give readers a sense of adventure.

Here’s the Stop #16 Scoop:
You can order my book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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And now, my giveaway! For our big scavenger hunt, I’ll be giving away one of the following:

A digital download of one of my two WhiteFire historical novels: Sweet Mountain Music or A Fair to Remember

OR a digital download of my WhiteFire historical novella: Simply Lila

OR a set of three Sasquatch themed notebooks

To be eligible for my personal giveaway (not to be confused with the WhiteFire giveaway), leave a comment below with an email address where I can contact you (email address will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner). I will choose one winner after midnight June 26th 2017. The winner will have until Friday, June 30, 2017 to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Email me at if you would like to be notified of my next release.

Suzie Johnson

Monday, June 19, 2017

Now Available on Kindle Unlimted

Great news! 

Sweet Mountain Music, and Simply Lila as part of the Austen in Austin, Volume II collection are available on Kindle Unlimted. That means if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download these books for free. An added bonus: the entire Austen in Austin collection is available through Kindle Unlimted, so you don't have to miss a single one of these novellas based on the works of Jane Austen.

Sweet Mountain Music

 Austen in Austin, Volume Two
Austen in Austin, Volume Two

Austen in Austin, Volume One