Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspired Writing Places

or ... Have Writing Tablet, Will Travel

Like most other writers, I can usually pick up a napkin and pencil and write anywhere. And I’m certainly never without a pen and a writing tablet. My purse is always filled with odd bits of paper with indecipherable scribble that was important when I wrote it down.

But a writer’s office is their sanctuary—a peaceful environment where their muse feels safe to come out and play. The special kind of environment that’s conducive to creativity, someplace inspiring.

I’ve done everything I can to add inspiration to my office. It has plush carpet, freshly painted walls, pretty curtains, a basket of rocks, a huge sandstone from the beach on the Oregon coast, and a picture of an Orca whale. Perfect. All the things I need to feel relaxed and comfortable while my muse comes out to play.

But there’s something else in my office. Something that can derail my thought process before I’ve even realized what’s happened. I know I’m not the only writer who struggles with this.



Spider Solitaire.

Oh, that last one is bad. I can click away two hours in less than fifteen minutes. When I go to my office to write, I’m forever saying, “Really? It’s 8 o’ clock already?” Then the wail heard around my neighborhood sounds something like this: “But I was only going to play one game while I work this scene out in my head!”

Back in the day of “dial-up” and before they started putting Spider Solitaire on every computer, I was much more productive and would go wash laundry or vacuum while I worked out scene related problems. Now, however, Spider Solitaire is sabotaging my new book.

Hence my need for a new office!

So every Saturday, and on Sunday after church and lunch with my mom or my husband, I take my writing tablet and favorite pen to my new office. There are no electronic distractions here. And if I get to a point in a scene where I’m stuck, God knows exactly what I need because he knows where I get my inspiration.

I just take a little walk along the beach. Writing problems have a way of working out here. Inspiration is all around me and I tend to accomplish a pretty decent word count. Not only that, but some of my best work is done here.

There’s just one problem. When I finally sit down at my computer to type in all I’ve written, I can’t read my handwriting!

But with an office like this…

…can I really complain?

God’s creation is so inspiring, and I’m so blessed to be able to experience it in this special way.


  1. Nice blog, Suzie. Blue is my favorite color, too. Congrats on getting it up and running. See you at the Inkwell. :)

  2. I enjoyed that Suzie! So glad that you are up and running. My office is currently the living room, while we homeschool. Or occasionally Panera or the library. Good thing I have a laptop! One day I'm hoping to have a real office...with walls... and a door that I can close. Mmmm, it's delicious just to think about it.

  3. What a lovely little read! You put it so well, "I can click away in two hours less than fifteen minutes!

  4. Suzie, I don't know how you do it all with everything on your plate. But you do it all with grace and beauty. Congratulations! This is beautiful. Your outdoor writing space is so lovely. You are truly blessed.


  5. Great blog, Suzie! :) Love your beach pictures. Those nice quiet places nourish the muse as well as the soul. Just try to scribble a bit more legibly. ;)

    Thanks for including Love Song in your favorite books. That was a nice surprise. :)

    And I'm so glad I haven't discovered Spider Solitaire. No, I will not check my computer to see if it's on there...I won't...I won't...

    Blessings to you this day, my dear friend.
    Sharon Gillenwater

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful blog! I'm so proud of my sister and friend. Two things you've been holding out on me, though - Ferris Bueller and Spider!!!! I thought I was the only spider addict, but more surprising is Ferris Bueller. p.s. thanks for the pictures of your office, made my day! (you know were I live, lol) keep blogging ;)

  7. pixyolive, I just love your screen name. Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it. I'm so sorry I couldn't respond sooner...I've been at work all day.

  8. Lisa, I don't know what Panera is. Is this something I should know about? I just want to publicly thank you for all you've done for me.
    Lisa is the one who designed my site. She's done such a wonderful job. I couldn't be more pleased.

  9. Sharon, my dear friend; Pam, my sweet sister; Connie & Anita, my new blogging friends; thank you for stopping by and leaving such encouraging comments. I really appreciate all of your support. You have made my first blogging day an exciting and fun one. So thank you. Love to you all, and don't forget to stay away from Spider Solitaire!

  10. You are so right! We all need a special place like you describe, and of course it can be the back yard. Several years ago I gave up computer games (I think my addiction was tetris) for Lent. It was horrible. I was ITCHY. Most days I would play JUST 3 days before I began writing. . . which stretched to 9, then 12. After Lent, I found I didn't want to go back. Funny how you look back on things like that.

    Thanks for the post, Suzie. And I love your page!

  11. Thanks Rylee! I'm so glad you stopped by. You know, I had the same problem with Tetris. Mah jongg, too. I had to delete them both from my computer because not only did I not get anything done, I ended up with the worst case of mouse shoulder. I have no self control!

  12. You're so funny! Panera is Mom's hideout when you're in favorite store!

  13. Hi Aunt Suzie! Love the blog it's so pretty! I'm so happy to be in touch with you and keep up on things!

  14. Hey Suzie!

    You make me miss the beach on Whidbey! Love you blog. I'm glad we are BFF!! Love you.

  15. Hi Auntie..Mom told me of your procedures and I wanted you to know David and I are praying for you!! Love you!

  16. Hi Suzie, I like your office and your writings. I'm proud to be your mother.
    Love you, Mom

  17. Didn't want to let another beautiful day go by w/out saying I love you and miss you!